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Lornshill Academy Active Travel Hub is a joint project between Falkirk Active Travel Hub and Lornshill Academy Clackmannanshire, funded by the Paths for All Smarter Choices Smarter Places Open Fund.

The project aims to increase the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs around active travel to help the whole school community make the most of their journeys using walking and cycling through the development of an in-school active travel hub.

Since the launch of the project we have had over 2000 engagements with the Lornshill community, including pupils, staff and parents. Our engagements have been through various activities including, school assemblies, bike maintenance workshops and classes, adaptive and electric bike trials, Dr Bikes, led walks, pop-up hubs, pump track and smoothie bike sessions as well as bike skills sessions and games.


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With the school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Active Travel Hub has supported the school community through google classroom tasks to promote physical activity, safe routes to school videos and bike maintenance videos which are all available on the FEL YouTube page.

As schools returns, we are working closely with the school wellbeing worker to support pupils physical and mental health and wellbeing. Alongside this we are working closely with our partners from Clackmannan Development Trust to run a school cycle bus every Tuesday and Thursday morning. This has been running since schools returned in August. Whilst the delivery of the cycle bus has been paused over the winter months there are plans to resume this in the spring.

The Lornshill Active Travel Hub has recently produced a report on the findings of a Clackmannanshire school bike survey. The survey was looking to identify pupils who currently use the bus that would cycle to school if provided with a bike. The survey highlighted barriers faced by both Alva and Lornshill Academy pupils when looking to make the switch from travelling by bus to cycling. The focus of this project was to reserve space on the bus for pupils travelling from further and allow for social distancing.

As we move forward, we hope to resume some of our in-class work delivering bike maintenance lessons as well as led rides/walks and continue the development of the school active travel plan with our pupils volunteers. To stay up to date with the project follow our social media accounts:

Facebook: @lornshillath

Twitter: @lornshillath

Instagram: @lornshillacademyath

We've produced some of our own cycle maintenance videos.

Fixing a puncture

Removing your front and back wheels