Bike Tools and Dr Bike

Bike Pump and Tools

We provide free use of the hub bike pump. We can advise you on the correct tyre pressure for your wheels and can help you with the use of the pump.

Come in and we’ll help you keep your tyres pumped and primed.

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure for your bike makes a real difference to enjoying your cycling.  We also keep a set of tools for basic bike repairs which are free to use.

Flat tyre? No problem! We also offer emergency puncture repair kits.

Dr Bike Checks


Whether your bike been waiting patiently in the shed for a while, or is looking a little worse for wear after racking up the miles, bring it along to one of our our FREE Dr Bike sessions delivered in partnership with The Cycling Scientist.

Dr Bike will give your bike a health check.

No booking necessary, just bring your bike into the Falkirk Active Travel Hub when Dr Bike is in town!

Check our Facebook Events for the latest Dr Bike dates.