Bike Medic - Case Study 

Updated: 22/08/2022

The roadside recovery has been replaced with a taxi repatriation service provided by Express Taxis. This service is intended to get you and the e-Bike back home or to your place of work should you suffer a mechanical issue while using the bike. To access the service just dial 01324 566000 and give them your name, current location, and contact number.

To minimise misuse of the service, you will be asked for a code phrase, this is ‘NHS FV Ebike recovery’. A taxi from Express Taxis will then be sent to collect you and the e-Bike and take you to your place of work or home. The taxi service will operate at no cost to you.

To arrange for the e-Bike to be repaired, drop us an email or call the workshop on 0333 320 8635 and we’ll arrange for a mechanic to come out, usually, the next working day, to assess the bike and either repair it on-site or bring it back to the workshop if the repairs are beyond what’s possible on-site.


Bike Medic Case Study - Breakdown Cover for Bikes

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Bike Medic was a free roadside rescue service available to all Forth Valley based key workers commuting by bike or electric bike to encourage them to keep cycling to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Bike Medic scheme was created as a response to a surge in the number of NHS Forth Valley staff commuting by bike and was launched in September 2020.



The free call-out service was for NHS Forth Valley staff and covered the Forth Valley region and operated in a similar way to car breakdown recovery, with bikes being repaired at the roadside or transported to a local bike shop of the cyclist’s choice. Onward travel was also covered, so if a bike couldn't be easily fixed, cyclists were offered a courtesy bike to allow them to finish their journey or received a lift to work.

The scheme began when a local nurse approached us at the beginning of lockdown for help fixing her bike. We offered her an e-bike from our free lending library while her bike was in for repair and that snowballed into us providing 75 electric bikes for key workers, as well as wrap-around cycling advice and support

Our Electric Van

To reduce the carbon footprint of the project, the Bike Medic used an electric van.


Aileen Schofield from NHS Forth Valley shares her thoughts and support for the newly launched Bike Medic roadside rescue service

Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson shares his thoughts and support for the newly launched Bike Medic roadside rescue service

Varrie-Jane France from NHS Forth valley shares her thoughts and support for the newly launched Bike Medic roadside rescue service

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