Vision & Aims


  • To work towards a healthier, greener future by encouraging and supporting more people to walk and cycle.


  • To provide expert knowledge and advice to individuals and communities about travelling actively in and around Falkirk

  • To promote walking and cycling for day to day journeys and as healthy leisure activities

  • To support employers encouraging their workforce to make active travel choices as part of their commute where possible

  • To encourage communities to become involved in active travel initiates and support them to get walking and cycling locally as healthy and green alternative to the car

  • To provide a welcoming drop-in space at at the Falkirk Active Travel Hub for information and guidance and support

  • To work in partnership with national like minded organisations promoting walking and cycling

We have a permanent presence in the Falkirk Active Travel Hub and love nothing more than speaking to people about cycling and walking.  We have stunning wall maps available for us to help with route planning and the facility to print off routes to take away.  



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